Herbs for constipation | VitoLax

The most popular herbs for constipation


Plantago ovata
Plantago ovata is a natural laxative.

Cassia angustifoli


These herbs for constipation are perfectly combined in herbal pill VitoLax. Unique qualities of VitoLax as natural laxative made ​​him so popular lately that already delivers worldwide. VitoLax is a pure natural combination of herbs for constipation and exhibit qualities of a perfect laxative without unpleasant side effects associated with synthetic drugs for constipation ie indigestion bloating etc. VitoLax acts as a natural laxative and eliminate constipation naturally. Constipation is associated with painful discomfort. The amazing combination of herbs for constipation VitoLax, beat constipation because:

Why VitoLax is the perfect choice?

The unique formula of VitoLax benefit consumers as follows:
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